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Who is Sunbelt?

Sunbelt Gated Access Systems installs and services systems for controlled vehicle and pedestrian access to single family residences, multi-family communities, automated commercial and municipal parking lots and decks and commercial and industrial facilities.

We are nationally certified in Automatic Gate System Design and maintain the proper licenses and insurance to provide turnkey systems specifically designed to meet each customer’s requirements, local building codes and national safety standards.

We have relationships with all the major product vendors and a network of strategic partners to make certain we can provide as much as you want or as little as you need.

Why Choose Sunbelt?

In a world full of choices, Sunbelt stands out as an experienced professional that will help you determine the proper solution to your needs.

When teamed with the services of a network of strategic partners, Sunbelt Gated Access Systems can provide its customers complete, “turnkey” jobs including site preparation, electrical, concrete and paving work and fencing and gates, both chain-link and ornamental metal.

From selecting the proper fence and gate styles to selecting the proper gate operators to implementing an access control system to video surveillance, we have the experience and expertise to guide you to the best solution for your needs and budget.

How does Sunbelt adapt?

As demand for diverse new products has developed, we have utilized our collective expertise and experience in integrating various vendors’ products and services to create systems to meet those demands. Today, Sunbelt Gated Access Systems is the recognized leader in the areas of gated perimeter access control systems and related fields in our region, which includes most of northeastern and central Florida and southeastern Georgia.

Our Reputation

For more than four decades, Sunbelt Gated Access Systems has been the answer for designing, installing, implementing, repairing and maintaining the finest quality automated gate and perimeter access control systems.

Sunbelt Gated Access Systems has been family owned and operated since its founding in 1936. Over the years we have served the Northeast Florida community by providing a variety of quality products and services to the residential and commercial communities and to federal, state and local government. The company began designing, installing and servicing gated access systems in the early 1970’s and the current fourth generation owners have been operating the company since 1995.

We’ve built our reputation upon the systems we have provided to a wide spectrum of satisfied customers. We have designed, installed and serviced more than 1,800 gated access control systems for major residential multi-family communities; single family homes; private clubs; medical centers; commercial/industrial complexes; government installations and schools throughout Northeastern and Central Florida and Southeastern Georgia.


Sunbelt is certified, licensed and insured to provide professional service to our customers.

Sunbelt Gates Access Systems is proud to be a properly licensed and insured Florida Specialty Electrical Contractor, Limited Energy. This license is required statewide to install and service automatic gate operators, access controls and video surveillance systems.

We are also a Certified Automatic Gate System Design specialist and proud members of the American Fence Association, the Northeast Florida Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau.

We urge anyone that is using or planning to implement this type of equipment to make sure that you are dealing with a company that is properly licensed, certified and insured and conducts itself to the highest of standards for your own protection.